The Mightiest Assassins in Mobile Legends and Tips to Counter Them

Unleashing the Power of Assassins in Mobile Legends

Hey, gamers! Let’s talk about the baddest heroes, the Assassins, in Mobile Legends. These heroes play a big role in the game, aiming to find and eliminate enemies quickly and effectively.

Assassin’s Main Role

In Mobile Legends, assassins are like ghost hunters; they swoop in and kill enemies very quickly and with a lot of power. What is their main job? Kill those enemy Carriers that do a lot of damage.

They sneak up on the other team and hit the Carry with a dangerous combo before the other team knows what’s going on. Aside from killing Support or Mage heroes who are the backbone of the other team, Assassins can also mess up their game plan by killing them.

In fact, assassins are very important to controlling the map. They go into places that aren’t supposed to be there, watch the enemy move, and help their team make good choices. Assassins can steal Lord or Turtle, protect bunkers, or sneak up on enemies with backdoor attacks because they deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time and can move quickly.

But it’s not easy to be an Assassin. Because they are weak, they are easy targets for strikes from the enemy. A small mistake or the wrong move can go badly for them. This is why it’s so important for an Assassin to be able to talk to and work with their bestlot team.

The Assassin’s job is an important part of the team plan in Mobile Legends. They are the sneaky killers who can quickly change the way the fight is going. Assassins can lead their team to win and pose a major threat to the enemy team if they know what their job is.

The Mightiest Assassins Right Now in Mobile Legends

Let’s check out the top Assassins making waves in Mobile Legends:


Arlott is a versatile hero with low damage that can be used in almost any role, making him one of the strongest assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

Widely used as a roamer by ONIC Kiboy throughout the Mobile Legends tournament. Interestingly, Arlott was also used by TODAK Cikugais for Golden Pass. Typically, Arlott is often used as an EXP laner.

As we all know, Alot is a warrior assassin hero that has been struggling lately after being released some time ago. This hero managed to become a META in Mobile Legends with a series of OP skills.

Assassin heroes are known to be very strong from the early to mid-game. No wonder these heroes are excellent for various roles because they have sustained damage in all situations.

Another advantage of Alot is that he has many group control skills and high durability. This is also the reason why Alot has a strong team-fighting ability.

Arlott has made it to the pick-or-ban list of every team throughout MSC 2023. The power of this hero cannot be underestimated.

It’s disgusting because almost all characters can be played; you can use the strongest assassin hero in MSC 2023, Arlott, when playing ranked or tournaments.

Countering the Mightiest Assassin Heroes

The mightiest assassin heroes in Mobile Legends are known for their speed and elusiveness. Against such heroes, you can use a flexible hero like Khufra; he can be a natural counter.

Khufra – The Natural Counter

Assassin heroes are quite annoying, especially during the early game, with their strong attacks in various team situations. That’s why these heroes are generally used as junglers or cores within the team.

To face their agility, you can use Khufra, a tank hero designed with a set of skills, to challenge the assassin’s rules.

With his accurate skills, Khufra can instantly stop the movement of assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. Using his second skill, Bouncing Ball, Khufra transforms into a bouncing ball. When his body is hit by an enemy hero using an ability, Khufra can cancel that ability.

Moreover, with his third skill, Tyrant’s Fury, Khufra can serve as a natural counter-attack against the mightiest assassin hero trying to escape from the onslaught. The stun effect from this skill prevents the hero from escaping the arena.

Instead of letting your team get overwhelmed by highly mobile Assassins, counter them with a nimble tank like Khufra. Time to take control of the battlefield!


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