Bagnaia Excited About the Possibility of Marc Marquez Joining Ducati

There have been widespread rumors about Marc Marquez joining Ducati motorcycle racing team, and Francesco Bagnaia seems quite enthusiastic about these speculations.

Marquez’s Contract and Honda Troubles

Marc Marquez’s contract with Honda was originally set to run until 2024, but both parties have decided to terminate their working relationship earlier, by the end of this season. Honda has been struggling in MotoGP in 2023, as well as in the two previous seasons. This year, the Japanese manufacturer has only managed to secure one championship win and one third-place podium finish.

Alex Rins brought LCR Honda to victory in the MotoGP United States, while Marc Marquez clinched a third-place podium finish with Gresini Racing, which is said to be the new home for Marquez. Gresini is a team that utilizes Ducati motorcycles, specifically the Desmosedici GP22 from the previous season.

Positive Reception from Bagnaia

Many have expressed concerns that MotoGP might become less exciting if Marc Marquez moves to Ducati, but Bagnaia is embracing the possibility with optimism. He believes that such a move would make the competition in MotoGP even more thrilling.

“I’m all for it because we could have an interesting fight,” Bagnaia stated, as reported by Crash.

“If Marc comes to Ducati, he will obviously be super fast right from the start. The competition always seems to be extraordinary, so I’m excited about it,” he added.

Enhancing Competition in MotoGP

Francesco Bagnaia’s welcoming attitude toward the potential addition of Marc Marquez to the Ducati team reflects his desire to compete against the best riders in the sport. Marquez, a multiple-time world champion, is known for his exceptional speed and skills on the track.

Should this transfer become a reality, it would create a fierce rivalry that could captivate MotoGP fans worldwide. The prospect of watching two outstanding riders like Bagnaia and Marquez battle it out on the circuit would undoubtedly add to the excitement and competitiveness of the sport.


Francesco Bagnaia’s positive response to the rumors of Marc Marquez joining Ducati reflects the competitive spirit and eagerness of MotoGP riders to face the best challenges in the sport. While nothing is certain until an official announcement is made, the prospect of such a move has already generated considerable anticipation and interest among MotoGP enthusiasts.


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