Manchester United to Offload Jadon Sancho in January

Reports suggest that the strained relationship between Jadon Sancho and manager Erik ten Hag could lead to a significant move by Manchester United – selling Sancho.

Erik ten Hag openly remarked that Jadon Sancho was not performing at his best during a training session. This comment came in the aftermath of the Arsenal vs. Manchester United match on September 3rd.

In response, Sancho took to social media to express his readiness to play and his frustration at being constantly singled out.

According to the Daily Star, it seems that the discord between Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag will soon be addressed by the club, with Manchester United taking decisive action.

While the source remains anonymous, it is rumored that Sancho will be let go by Manchester United during the winter transfer window in January 2024.

This move mirrors Manchester United’s earlier decision to part ways with Cristiano Ronaldo in late 2022. Ronaldo, who found himself frequently benched, openly expressed his discontent and took aim at the club (implicitly referring to issues with Erik ten Hag).

As a result, Ronaldo was transferred to Saudi Arabia in early January. It appears that the Red Devils are not willing to tolerate disruptive players.

Manchester United to Offload Jadon Sancho in January

Troubled Relationship Emerges

The relationship between Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag has been marred by public disagreements and tension. The situation escalated after ten Hag publicly criticized Sancho’s performance in a training session following the Arsenal match.

Sancho, a highly regarded winger, joined Manchester United with high expectations. However, his form and consistency have been inconsistent, which has raised concerns within the club.

Sancho’s Response

In response to Erik ten Hag’s comments, Jadon Sancho took to his social media platform to address the situation. He expressed his readiness to play and conveyed his frustration at being consistently blamed for the team’s struggles.

Sancho’s comments on social media added fuel to the fire and intensified the scrutiny surrounding his performance.

Manchester United’s Decision

Manchester United’s decision to potentially sell Jadon Sancho in January reflects their commitment to maintaining a harmonious and focused squad. The club has a history of parting ways with players who disrupt team dynamics or express discontent.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure in early 2023 serves as a recent example of this approach. Despite his illustrious career and status, Ronaldo was allowed to leave when it became clear that his presence was causing disruptions.

The decision to sell Sancho in January aligns with the club’s commitment to addressing internal issues swiftly and ensuring that the team remains united and focused on its goals.


The discord between Jadon Sancho and manager Erik ten Hag has created uncertainty regarding Sancho’s future at Manchester United. While the club is known for its willingness to address internal issues decisively, the January transfer window will likely determine whether Sancho remains a part of the team or seeks opportunities elsewhere. Manchester United’s history of managing player relations suggests that they will prioritize team harmony and cohesion in their decision-making process.


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